Happy Clients

When you’re happy, we’re happy

We’ve had the great pleasure of working with wonderful people in many industries including healthcare, education, construction, technology and services.  
Here’s what some of them have to say: 

The professional education group

“Kate is smart and responsive…no, that’s not right…she doesn’t have to respond, because she’s always ahead of me. Our brand and our products are constantly and correctly displayed in the marketplace because Kate does a marvelous job of making sure that is the case.  While I like Kate and enjoy her company, I don’t spend much time thinking about her, because I don’t have to. She’s always there and I don’t have to worry.”

~ Henry Lake / President



Edina Sports
+ Family Medicine

“Redpath Marketing provides a balanced outside perspective and a “get-it-done” approach to our marketing program.  Kate helps us effectively communicate with patients and potential patients through online newsletters, social media and printed materials. Our partnership began in 2016 and we continue to appreciate the support.”

~Melanie Rupprecht / Administrator


driving shcool

“Our administrative team is very busy managing operations, which is why we rely on Redpath Marketing to handle social media and online advertising. They help us with employee newsletters, and direct mail campaigns.  We trust that our programs are managed competently, so we can focus on the day-to-day business. Count us among the happy clients.”

~ Cindy Thienes / Vice President


alliance imaging


“I can’t stress enough how friendly, knowledgeable, and patient Kate Redpath of Redpath Marketing is in web design, development and support. Redpath Marketing listened to our requests and delivered a robust and fully functioning site on time and within budget. And it surpassed our expectations. Kate continues to support us with digital ad management and analytics. Highly recommended!”

~ Troy L.  / Executive Account Manager




Union 32
craft house

“Redpath Marketing was there on day one — and is still supporting our marketing efforts.  From website design and build, to our monthly newsletters, we consistently receive great content, quality creative — and excellent service!”

~ Justin Lecher / General Manager 





1218 Global


 “Thank you, Kate! You are awesome.  Whether we need information, social posts or assistance with some other matter, you are willing and responsive.  We are so pleased to have your support.” 

~ Kim Wells / COO




Crescent Design


Redpath Marketing and Crescent Design have had a symbiotic partnership for over 10 years.  Clients benefit as we each bring our strengths to various projects in both the print and digital marketing arenas. Here’s to another successful decade!

~ Ruby McKusick / Owner


metzger building materials

“Redpath Marketing IS our marketing department,  Whether it’s our website, collateral, business cards, presentations….we look to Redpath Marketing to get it done. We have never been disappointed.” 

~Jane Metzger / President